The Spectrum of Sciatica Treatment New Jersey

The spectrum of herniated disc treatment can range from one extreme to the next. Where your particular needs fall into that equation depends on your health, the problems with your disc, how long the problem has gone one, and the overall damage. Your doctor will likely be conservative at first with any sciatica treatment New Jersey. They want to see how your body responds to changes in your lifestyle, limited lifting, certain forms of exercise, and some type of medication.
After about 6 weeks in New Jersey, they will evaluate again where you are with the herniated disc treatment. Have you noticed improvements? Do you feel the same as when you first came in? Are you experiencing more pain or other symptoms that you didn’t before? Do you have any side effects from the medications you were given? All of this has to be carefully evaluated to determine the next steps.
Physical therapy may be introduced to aid you with getting a stronger core and helping your discs heal when you have sciatica treatment New Jersey. Your doctor may recommend alternating hot and cold packs at home to reduce the pain and discomfort. Seeking help through chiropractic care and through massage therapy may be part of the process as well.
During this phase, your doctor may recommend different medication for your herniated disc treatment. If you are still experiencing a great deal of pain or you are hit hard with side effects then a change may be what it takes for you to feel better. You may be asked to consider these treatments for several weeks. Give it your all to hopefully get some excellent results from all of the options being sent your way.
Steroids may be given for you to reduce the inflammation. They are administered through injections every couple of weeks. Sometimes, injections are given through epidural in the back to help with inflammation as well. Your doctor will assess your needs and then share with you what they think you should take part in.
If the combination of these above efforts aren’t enough for you to get the results you need, your doctor may consult with you about surgery before sciatica treatment New Jersey. That is the last step in the spectrum of herniated disc treatment. It is important for you to listen to them and to provide all requested information. They have to determine if you will be a good candidate overall.
You may need to obtain various forms of testing before the surgery can be scheduled. This includes MRI and CT scan so they can take a look at your spine and the discs that have the inflammation. Based on that information they can decide on the right type of surgery for you to take part in. Some involve removing the damaged areas and fusing the empty space.
Others allow the pressure to be removed and the discs can all remain. It comes down to the amount of damage and the possibility for recovery. It can be a long road to get through the steps involved for successful herniated disc treatment.